Monday, 19 October 2015

 Male Fashion Winter Jacket And Grey Jeans Button Up      While there may be other contributing factors to your delay in promotion, you may be displaying certain behavior that are keeping you from growing professionally. These five things are some of the unprofessional habits that can prevent you from achieving success:     

1.Wandering Eyes

You know this routine very well; it has become second nature to the point where you barely realize yourself doing it. When you disagree with whomever is speaking, your instincts kick in and you think you are being subtle by simply reacting with your eyes, however don’t be too comfortable with this behavior as chances are your supervisor has noticed what you are doing. They may not have mentioned it directly, but your supervisor observing these signs of disengagement make it significantly less likely that you will be able to advance up the office hierarchy. If you are frustrated with a certain decision, it is always easiest to discuss it with your supervisor or whoever is concerned directly and clear the air.

2.”It is what it is”

These sayings may be common near the water cooler or during a happy hour with your close buddies at work but the last thing your employer wants to hear from a promising employee is “you know how it is here”, or “that’s just how things are at XYZ”. Such statements show that you have formed unbreakable negative ideas about the organization. Instead, if you see a pattern of decisions that you find problematic, do some research and bring it up in a conversation with your supervisor at the appropriate time and be sure to also bring solutions to address the issue.

3.”In my opinion”

Sure, it is great- and even encouraged- to have an opinion, and sharing them with your supervisor at the appropriate time will be welcome. However, constantly stating “in my opinion” every time you are sharing your point of view with the team either shows that you are being defensive and unwilling to be part of a team, or it signals that you are uncertain and may not yet be ready for an advancement opportunity. Either way, you are better off simply stating your opinion.

4.”You guys” syndrome

There is no quicker way to label yourself as an outsider than always referring to the team as “you guys”, rather than accepting that you are part of the team. Even if there are customs that you may disagree with or feel need improvement, the best way to create change is by first taking ownership of your position within the team so you can work together to turn things around.


While this should be common sense, one would be surprised to realize how many individuals who identify themselves as professionals also believe that the common use of profanities is acceptable in a professional setting. Regardless of how unconventional the workplace may be, hearing a string of curse words in an office is the ultimate sign of unprofessional behavior. While the U.S. Federal Communications Commission may now allow certain curse words on television, it still does not make it acceptable in a professional environment. Keep in mind that it’s not the curses that will drive your point across but rather your conviction and delivery of your speech.
With the rise of people returning to school and gaining more degrees, the job market will continue to be competitive, so be sure to avoid these unprofessional behaviors to help heighten your chances of success in an organisation.

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